Support the McMaths

This is the fast page to support the McMath Family NOW!

STEP #1: Click Here  to fill out a pledge form. You do not have to know your donor account #.  The Assemblies of God requires THESE pledge forms to be on file for us to be cleared to return to our missions work.

IMPORTANT INFO:  Our missionary account # is:  2667095 (Brad McMath), our region is: IM (International Ministries)

Additional Note: You may want to NOT select the box for promotional mail. That does not come from us but from AG HQ. Some people love it, others don’t like mailers.

STEP #2: Click Here (note it’s the same link) to make your support to McMath Family an automatic re-occurring credit card donation to our account.  This is extremely helpful for us because it keeps our missions account steady.  And it helps you – so you don’t have to worry about remembering each month!  🙂

Just fill in the amount you want to be your monthly partnership, and then click the button at the bottom of the form

pledge form pic of reoccuring link

IMPORTANT INFO:  Our missionary account # is:  2667095 (Brad McMath)

Other Option: Click Here (same link as above, just scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on the corresponding link to:

“Interested in a one-time offering to this ministry via the web? Click here!”

7 thoughts on “Support the McMaths

  1. Richard and Linda Fritz December 13, 2009 — 7:15 AM

    glad to say we are on board to support our Fav IMM missionaries….

  2. I’ve only met you guys once, last summer at our pre-marriage small group, but you had a really big impact on me. I’m happy to make a small monthly contribution to your mission work – looking forward to hearing about your departure, hopefully soon!

  3. McMaths! Not sure why we haven’t started to support you guys sooner but we are now! Happy Birthday Glenda and many blessings to the 4 of you! Sending hugs!

  4. On board with you and excited for another missionary to be sent from our area of Arkansas. Our prayers are with you and your family.
    Ron & Rosey Booth

  5. Hey,
    love you guys, soo glad you are walking in the spirit… much love and many blessings,
    Brad and Angela

  6. hey ya’ll! I would like to schedule a time for you to come and have service with us.. Please call me at (501) 318-8252 or 870-434-5517 . Thanks! Phil Pittman, pastor – Big Creek A/G – Vendor, Ar.

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