Our Team

Team 360 defined:

– a circle is something with a perfectly round circumference.

360 º.  Perfect.  Surrounds a center.

Along with the churches that partner with our ministry on a monthly basis, we have a growing team of families and individuals who are saying, “We want to help!”  This is what TEAM360 is – our team of personal partners who are committed to keeping us going and making the work of Network 211 possible.

It is this team that will help us “complete the circle” of our support.
Join now!  We invite you to partner with us and join TEAM360 today.  Just click on the links below and make your pledge.  Then send us an email to let us know you’re on the team!

I want to join the team!

Click on the page above called “Support the McMath’s” or click here


We already have 147 churches and 50 individuals or families on our Team 360.

However, we need 54 more pledges to reach our goal so that we can depart for our field and start the work!

Please pray about joining our team!

2 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. I attend 1st Assembly of God Church in Centerville, AR. I have even had Mia in my Children’s Church Class. We are trying to help raise money for the missionaries that our church supports. We think it is very important to teach children about missions. Missions is very dear to my heart. My Aunt and Uncle are Assembly of God missionaries to Samoa,(they’re stateside right now), I have tried to log on to your email address with no success. Is there any way that you could send us a picture to use with our fundraising. I would like the kids to know whom they are helping. Putting a face with a name. I would like to “blow” the picture up for our marathon. Our address is Centerville 1st Assembly of God Church , 22059 State Hwy 154, Centerville, AR 72829

    1. Beth!
      We are honored that you would include our family!
      We will send you a picture ASAP!!

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