Our new Role in Asia – Training Church Planters

First, let me give you a little update on what we have learned about our role as we transition to our new Region/Ministry!
We have learned that our primary role with Oral Learners Initiative  (OLI) will be training church planters!  There are so many people groups that are not literate across our world!  We will be training those that can not read – to still use their passion for Jesus and calling into ministry- to REACH the unreached tribes and villages in their areas!  All through the use of VIDEO!!
The team at OLI iz anxiously awaiting Brad’s arrival to the team… b/c they need his help… like yesterday!
Northern India AG is asking, “when can the Video Bible College be ready?!”
There are Indian believers that feel called into ministry that are ready to go into unreached areas to plant churches, but they must complete the 3 year Video Bible College training first.  
(It is officially called the “Oral Learners Bible Institute”, or “OLBI” btw.  )
Also, at the Northern India General Council in August, the executive team OFFICIALLY approved our OLBI as an official means for individuals to become pastors and church planters in India!  They require a pastor or church planter to have a Bible College degree, and they have unanimously approved OLBI to train pastors, especially in the many regions that are not literate!!!!  This is groundbreaking!
After the General Session where Robb Hawks, our director, spoke to the Assembly, many pastors from all across India rushed forward asking for their language to ALSO be developed.  
Currently we are working on finishing Hindi, Punjabi, & Kannada.  
Go to https://olbi.world to see the map & infographic on what stage each language is in for development!
Therefore, OLI urgently needs Brad to arrive and get to work!  
So far since returning home in October, after raising our minimum needed from itineration,  our days have been filled with getting our kids to the doctors for medical clearance to start the new term, getting them to the dentist, (Macy had her wisdom teeth out along with some dental appointments for problem areas), getting the girls up and running on their high school homeschool curriculum for high school….and getting our STL van up and running again… new battery, new tires, service, recalls fixed; getting our itineration car serviced and ready to sell, working packing our house up and prepping it for our move….
Whew!  It has been chaos!
Please Pray:
1. For both Macy and Mia.  Moving again (after moving 6 times from 2008-2012) is a little scary for them.  Please pray for them to have peace and even a supernatural upbeat and hopeful outlook on the move.  Pray for Godly friends for all of our kids in our new location.  
2.  Please pray that God will help us with our home needs.  That our current home will sell quickly and that God will prepare a new home to be found for us that will meet  all of our family’s needs in our new location.  This is close to all of our hearts, especially the kids.
3.  Please pray for God’s help in packing and moving.  We need God’s strength and wisdom in all we do.  We were already exhausted when we returned home from ending itineration.  We need a boost from the Lord in our bodies, minds and spirits!

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