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Who we Are

We are Brad , Glenda, Macy, Mia, & Micah McMath.  God has called us to embrace a life of communicating the love of Jesus to people through video and technology ministry.

We knew several years ago that God was shifting our ministry towards using video to reach and disciple lost people.  One of the most powerful tools of communicating Christ in our generation is using the power of ‘story’ through media…similar to how Jesus used the power of ‘story’ in parables.  God wants to use our unique stories to speak to the hearts of men and women that are searching for hope and meaning in their lives!

During our 11 years in staff and pastoral ministry we served as youth pastors for 5 years, and then as Senior pastors for 6 years.   During this time, I (Brad) discovered that the Lord had placed a love in my heart for using film to ‘speak’ to an audience.

We felt this so strongly that we up and moved our family to Washington DC in 2008 to pursue learning this new trade in ministry.  We left everything we knew, our family, our friends, our salary…. to be a part of the protégé program at National Community Church on Capitol Hill. While we were there I was involved in the media ministry and spent the year being trained in the area of film and film editing.

We spent the next 2 years raising our missionary budget by itinerating all across the state of Arkansas and to other parts of the US. We loved speaking in services and sharing what God is doing to redeem technology and how He has called us to be a part of it.

Then we spent the next year in Madrid, Spain, joining International Media Ministries. IMM is producing culturally sensitive programs in more than 50 languages.  We were still adjusting to the culture and the language when our 3rd surprise baby was born.  After a series of medical complications we transferred back to the states to join with another Missions Media Ministry, Network 211.  Project 100 Million is one of our greatest God directed evangelism and discipleship programs.  It is incredible!

Our team at Network 211 made a goal in 2008 to reach 10 million people in 10 years using the internet.  THIS GOAL WAS REACHED IN JUST 5 YEARS!  WOW!  We are now setting our eyes towards a greater goal of reaching 100 million people.  The people who come to our websites from all over the world looking for hope, answers, God, truth, and a reason to live are just amazing.  We are already engaging people in 230 countries all over the world!

We are seeing lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ.   We are helping produce video material is REACHING people who are lost, hurting, confused  We are creating material that is reaching people in countries where it is illegal to talk about God’s love – but they can watch a video online to grow in their faith…

The work we do is by faith that God will provide our every need as we pursue reaching the lost.  We have many prayer partners that have held us up in prayer through difficult seasons we have already faced.  Please see the additional pages of our site for more information on how you can join our team!

1 thought on “Who we Are

  1. you guys are doing so many awesome things. i am very proud of you. be safe. great cheer.

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