Who we Are

Brad & Glenda have over 20 years experience working in a broad range of ministry roles.

Most recently (September 2019) they are transitioning to work with Oral Learners Initiative, who embrace a visionary goal to plant 1,000,000 churches in remote villages around the world!

“That there would be a church within walking distance for every person on the planet…”

You may be thinking, “But who would you get to pastor those churches?”

Well, Oral Learners Initiative (OLI) is passionate about the unique pastor training institute they are developing that is designed specifically for illiterate people living in remote places!

1/3 of the world cannot read the language they speak. 
Another 1/3 of the world learns through non-written methods.
Together, 2/3 of the world; 4,000,000,000 people are Oral Learners.

They will only find Jesus, be transformed by Him, and spread the Gospel…. IF SOMEONE TELLS THEM…

…and those that are being reached and called to preach can not be equipped to PREACH and PLANT CHURCHES unless they have a way to prepare as oral learners!

Thus: The Oral Learner’s Bible Institute!  The first year of the Bible institute has now been completed and deployed in Gujarati, Hindi, and Tamil!

Brad & Glenda are passionate about partnering with OLI to see this goal become a reality!

One of the most beautiful things about taking the truth of Jesus to the Oral Learning communities is that it is more than salvation for them!  Bringing Jesus also brings morals and values to hurting people oppressed by darkness and changes their entire society!

Before this most recent transition, Brad used his passion in the area of media, video, and technology to serve with Network 211, reaching into over 230 countries all over the world.  As of August of 2019 they had received 37.2 Million people to the websites; 1.8 Million had responded that they had come to faith in Jesus, and over 307,000 had been connected to someone that speaks their native language that can start the discipleship process!

In addition to their technology ministry, God has placed a unique calling on Glenda to speak about her journey after they returned from serving in Spain.  She shares how she went from missions to mishap, her fall from health to illness, years of seemingly unanswered prayer, and the reality of her walk through the darkness of long term PTSD, depression, and eventual supernatural healing. Glenda gives new understanding to trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and beyond. Through her ability to speak to how these issues intersect with your faith, she brings a message of HOPE to broken men and women both inside and outside the church walls.  

Prior to the McMath family’s missions experience, they spent 6 years as lead pastors, 5 years serving as youth pastors, and one year in Capital Hill working with National Community Church to train in the area of media.

Brad & Glenda have 3 children at this time of September 2019: Macy-age 16, Mia-age 13, & Micah-age 7.

3 thoughts on “Who we Are

  1. you guys are doing so many awesome things. i am very proud of you. be safe. great cheer.

  2. I have known this guy all his life,He is a good Preacher, good Father to his family,a good Son and I am proud of him and his Family,,

  3. We absolutely LOVED having you guys with us in Arizona. Amazing how God orders our steps and gives us little surprises along the way. We trust you left encouraged as we did just having you in our home and the visiting that took place at a rapid pace. 💕Macy, Mia and Micah are SUPER kids! Can we adopt them? 😃 One day no more good-byes…

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